On ( you will find holiday and school holidays for more than 3800 municipalities and regions in Europe.

1 - Select location

Please select the desired country first and refine your selection if possible. You will find the most accurate data at the lowest geographical level.

To select your region, you can:
determine your location
use the list selection,
the map view, or
the search function.

2 - Select data

Above the data lists you will find selection options: You can display

  • Events and holidays,,
  • Legal and non-recognised (often religious) holidays, or
  • Display only legally recognized public holidays, and
  • change the year (2000 - 2035)..

Clicking the Info button displays a legend with explanations of the symbols and abbreviations used.

Click on a holiday to read more about it.

3 - Select data format

At the lowest geographical level you will find free data:
  • as an annual list
  • as annual calendar
  • as A4 PDF annual calendar
  • as iCal calendar
  • as CSV export

Graphical annual calendars, Excel lists and CSV holidays for Switzerland can be found in our online shop.

4 - Rights of use

Personal Use
The private or internal business use of our data is free of charge.

Business use
The business use of our data for multiple regions or years is subject to a fee unless we find another way to fund our project.

You can obtain the data from us:
as prepared data exports (based on knowledge of the date of export).
as standardized data sets via our REST-API.

We do not organise markets and events. Enquiries for market stalls and appearances are in the wrong place with us. Please contact the respective organizer or the municipality.
For the extension of our calendar we are always looking for reliable data for other countries. Do you know a link to a government site with holidays and/or school holidays? We are looking forward to your tips and assistance.
We hope to serve you with our offer in the best way possible. Ideas for improvement, criticism, suggestions and any other feedback are always welcome.



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