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Saint Antoninus

Tuesday, January 17 2017, (week 03)

Where does this holiday apply?

Location Type Class
Andorra Countryno holiday
Belgium Countryno holiday
Bosnia and Herzegovina Countryno holiday
Bulgaria Countryno holiday
Denmark Countryno holiday
Germany Countryno holiday
Estonia Countryno holiday
Finland Countryno holiday
France Countryno holiday
Greece Countryno holiday
United Kingdom Countryno holiday
Ireland Countryno holiday
Iceland Countryno holiday
Israel Countryno holiday
Italy Countryno holiday
Croatia Countryno holiday
Latvia Countryno holiday
Liechtenstein Countryno holiday
Lithuania Countryno holiday
Luxembourg Countryno holiday
Malta Countryno holiday
Moldova Countryno holiday
Monaco Countryno holiday
Netherlands Countryno holiday
Norway Countryno holiday
Austria Countryno holiday
Poland Countryno holiday
Portugal Countryno holiday
Romania Countryno holiday
Russia Countryno holiday
Sweden Countryno holiday
Switzerland Countryvaries
Argovia Cantonno holiday
Appenzell Outerrhodes Cantonno holiday
Appenzell Innerrhodes Cantonno holiday
Basle-Country Cantonno holiday
Basle-Town Cantonno holiday
Bern Cantonno holiday
Fribourg Cantonno holiday
Geneva Cantonno holiday
Glarus Cantonno holiday
Grisons Cantonno holiday
Jura Cantonno holiday
Lucerne Cantonno holiday
Neuchâtel Cantonno holiday
Nidwalden Cantonno holiday
Obwalden Cantonno holiday
Schaffhausen Cantonno holiday
Schwyz Cantonvaries
Einsiedeln Districtno holiday
Gersau Districtno holiday
Höfe Districtno holiday
Küssnacht Districtno holiday
March Districtno holiday
Schwyz Districtvaries
Alpthal Communeno holiday
Arth Communeno holiday
Illgau Communeno holiday
Ingenbohl Communeno holiday
Lauerz Communeno holiday
Morschach Communeno holiday
Muotathal Communeno holiday
Oberiberg Communeno holiday
Riemenstalden Communeno holiday
Rothenthurm Commune1
Sattel Communeno holiday
Schwyz Communeno holiday
Steinen Communeno holiday
Steinerberg Communeno holiday
Unteriberg Communeno holiday
Solothurn Cantonvaries
Bucheggberg Districtno holiday
Dorneck Districtno holiday
Gäu Districtno holiday
Gösgen Districtno holiday
Lebern Districtno holiday
Olten Districtno holiday
Solothurn Communeno holiday
Thal Districtvaries
Aedermannsdorf Commune1
Balsthal Communeno holiday
Gänsbrunnen Communeno holiday
Herbetswil Communeno holiday
Holderbank Communeno holiday
Laupersdorf Communeno holiday
Matzendorf Communeno holiday
Mümliswil-Ramiswil Communeno holiday
Welschenrohr Communeno holiday
Thierstein Districtno holiday
Wasseramt Districtno holiday
Saint Gall Cantonvaries
Rheintal Constituencyno holiday
Rorschach Constituencyno holiday
Sarganserland Constituencyvaries
Bad-Ragaz Communeno holiday
Flums Communeno holiday
Mels Communeno holiday
Pfäfers Communeno holiday
Quarten Communeno holiday
Sargans Communeno holiday
Vilters-Wangs Commune1
Walenstadt Communeno holiday
See-Gaster Constituencyno holiday
Saint Gall Constituencyno holiday
Toggenburg Constituencyno holiday
Werdenberg Constituencyno holiday
Wil Constituencyno holiday
Ticino Cantonno holiday
Thurgau Cantonno holiday
Uri Cantonno holiday
Vaud Cantonno holiday
Valais Cantonno holiday
Zug Cantonno holiday
Zurich Cantonno holiday
Serbia Countryno holiday
Slovakia Countryno holiday
Slovenia Countryno holiday
Spain Countryno holiday
Czech Republic Countryno holiday
Ukraine Countryno holiday
Hungary Countryno holiday
United States Countryno holiday
Cyprus Countryno holiday


official holiday
is a special Sunday
legally not recognized holiday
Event day

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