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Commune Muri (AG)

School holidays 2027


Start Day End Day Designation
19.12.2026Sato03.01.2027 SuChristmas holidays
30.01.2027Sato14.02.2027 SuSport holiday
26.03.2027Frto29.03.2027 MoEaster holidays
10.04.2027Sato25.04.2027 SuSpring time holidays
06.05.2027Thto09.05.2027 SuAscension holidays
17.05.2027MoWhit Monday
03.07.2027Sato08.08.2027 SuSummer holidays
02.10.2027Sato17.10.2027 SuAutumn holidays
24.12.2027Frto09.01.2028 SuChristmas holidays

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