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What holidays are imported?ID 62

All who are also displayed at the page "Holidays". The previously selected region will be maintained during subsequent visit to the site. Because not everywhere apply the same holidays, it is important that you first select the desired location.

What the # sign indicates about the validity of a Holiday?ID 65

The # sign appears whenever a holiday is not valid in the entire area and a more precise regional setting is possible. Click on the name of the holiday and then "Where does this holiday apply?" to see a geographical list, where the holiday has what role. Alternatively, you can also select the region that interests you.

Why the country ... is missing?ID 64

We are expanding steadily the calendar. Sorry, if your desired country is still missing. Do you have information about public holidays and school holidays in a country that is missing on our calendar yet? Please help us and please feel free to contact us. We would be pleased if we could display more countries.


All holidays until today are missing?ID 68

No, these days are not missing, but they are hidden by default, because it is more convenient if you can see right away the next upcoming holiday. Please look at the screen and click the button "View full year".

Switzerland: The Confederation publishes other holidays than What applies?ID 73

The Federal Department of Justice and Police FDJP publishes a document "Public holidays and days treated as public holidays in Switzerland" (kant-feiertage.pdf), which is unfortunately interpreted by many as a valid list of public holidays.

According to the FDJP, the list in question is not a general list of public holidays, but the list that regulates the calculation of deadlines in the field of civil, commercial and administrative law. The list is based on corresponding information provided by the cantons and was notified to the Council of Europe accordingly.

Thus, the published list is not a list of holidays that are relevant, for example, in labor law.

More concretely:

The Council of Europe requires from Switzerland a list of public holidays for the calculation of deadlines. In Switzerland, however, there are also religiously mixed cantons and those which allow local holidays. Therefore, said directory is not a detailed picture of the Swiss holidays, but a kind of distillation: a simplified representation of the situation and the definition for dealing with legal deadlines.

Valentine's Day is no holiday. Why is it listed?ID 55

You can change the appearance of that the only legally recognized holidays are listed. Event days such as Mother's Day, St. Nicholas or St. Valentine's Day are not displayed anymore.

What is an event day?ID 63

By 'event day', we mean a work, or Sunday, on which something special is taking place. A good example is the Valentine's Day.


Why are some texts written in square brackets?ID 11

Texts in square brackets were not translated yet:


If you know a suitable translation, please click in the menu on "Translations" and translate the text.


More information in the German version.

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