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Archive - School holidays 2019

In Finland, the state only provides the number of holiday days and leaves it to the schools to determine the data. So every school in Finnald has their own holidays. Lower and upper levels of the same school can have different holidays.
There is only an approximate period during which the holidays take place:

Start Day End Day Designation
22.12.2018Sato06.01.2019 SuChristmas holidays
18.02.2019Moto22.02.2019 FrWinter holidays
19.04.2019Frto22.04.2019 MoEaster holidays
01.05.2019WeLabour Day
30.05.2019Thto01.06.2019 SaAscension Day
02.06.2019Suto07.08.2019 WeSummer holidays
14.10.2019Moto18.10.2019 FrAutumn holidays
21.12.2019Sato06.01.2020 MoChristmas holidays

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